N Power meter reading - potential arrears

Looking for some advice please. I am currently with Npower and will be leaving them soon. Since January of I have taken photos of the smart meter reading at the end of each month to make sure I dont get into the arrears I have in the past However on my account it shows much higher prices being charged (meter reading £198 - NPower charge £320). NPower have said that the meter reading has been set wrongly (not by me) and their charge is correct. I have 2 problems with this, one being the cost (for both gas and electricity) and 2 being the fact that that the meter being set wrong is not down to me. I want to leave NPower but I’m afraid that NPower will insist on outstanding payment on the account before allowing me to change to another suppier. HELP AND ADVICE PLEASE!!!

Double check your meter readings multiplied by the unit price shown in your account.

Don’t believe what it says on the in home device. The price can be an old one as they say.

Thanks for that.My point is that it is their meter and should be programmed correctly. To show a spend of £198 then to charge £320 is wrong in my book. Its like going to a restaurant and the menu says one price, you finish the meal and get the bill charging £120 extra.My worry is when the arguement starts with NPower will they stop a transfer to another supplier (Bulb)?

I would contact Bulb as they will be in a better position to offer some guidance on this.

Contact info from the help button.

Cheers Scudo!