National Gas Database - Incorrect Details


I have recently decided to switch from Bulb to another provider. The electric went through fine, but the gas was rejected from being switched. My new provider says it’s because my address details are incorrect on the National Gas Database. I was told to contact Bulb who my new supplier stated were the only ones, at this point, that can change and update the National Gas Database to the correct details.

I spoke to Bulb about this and I was told they can’t update the details. I did some research which took me to Xoserve. On their website it confirms that Bulb ARE able to, and should make sure my details are correct on the National Database.

Taken directly from that website: "To update meter details, you will have to submit a review of Gas Metering Arrangements through the IX gateway. These reviews can be one of two types – ONJOB and ONUPD:

An ONJOB is required when a physical exchange/removal of a meter has recently taken place.

An ONUPD is required to update incorrect details or meter updates which have not been actioned in the past.

Please note that you will receive the relevant RGMA flows from your Meter Asset Manager (MAM), which you can then send to us via the IX Gateway."

I’ve tried using the website “Find My Supplier” if that helps. My details are not on there though. Apparently I don’t exist, unless it’s for billing…

Maybe somebody from Bulb can resolve this?

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Possibly, but you’ll have to go back and phone Bulb again rather than this customer discussion forum. Bulb staff rarely visit here.

Cheers, thought that may be the case, just like sent emails - Bulb are nowhere to be found!

Just for information, in case others are having a similar issue, my new provider says they should be able to put through the transfer request using the ‘incorrect’ information on the National Database, then update the correct details when they supply me. Shame Bulb just pass the buck.

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Hi @NDBwrong, I’m sorry for this frustrating situation. I’ve sent you an email so we can get this sorted.