Nearly 5 months and still waiting for cashback !!!!

I came to bulb through Topcashback hoping to earn/save a bit of extra cash.
After speaking to Topcashback they advised me that they are waiting for bulb to verify the transaction.
Its been nearly 5 months now, PLEASE can someone from bulb sort this out for me.

I would suggest you give the Bulb team a ring during working hours, please click the Help button at the top of this page for their details.

Thanks Allanr, I am just on chat now, i will post results in due course.

OK live update for anyone who is thinking about using on line chat.
I posted question at 9.33am to which i got a response of “Hi there” at 9.34am, i replied “Hi” the chat is still open and its says 17m Not seen yet. Further updates as it goes on

30m ago. Not seen yet, if anyone from bulb see’s this post can you give Becky a nudge and wake her up !

Update : The chat is still active and Its coming up to the milestone of 1 hour and i am still waiting for a response, i have noticed people on the forum with names like David at bulb and DanP at bulb who i presume are bulb employees but have not made any comments to this post ? Anyway 1 hour of waiting is far too long, obviously bulb cannot provide this means of communication so i suggest that they dont try, it just frustrates the customer. Next i will try communication by email.

I would suspect the live chat system has had a hiccup and, whilst it shows as ‘connected’, there has been a disconnection somewhere. Just reload and start afresh or email them at or call them on 0300 30 30 635 (see ). I would suspect, in this case, emailing would be best as they’ll need to look up your sign up details, check details sent to TopCashback, see why it failed to be sent, resend it etc - all of which will take time.

Thanks RichyB, I can confirm that the chat was not refreshing, apparently there is a fault with the bot, i have since spoken to the team and they have assured me that they will get this sorted out for me. For anyone reading this post ’ there was a system fault at the time ’ and any above timings should be disregarded.