Need a bill sent by post (once)

Hi there! I need one bill sent to my address because I’ve just moved in and the bank wouldn’t accept a printed out bill as a proof of address unfortunately (they want an actual letter that reached me on my new address). I hope it can be done once, thanks

You wont have a bill until you’ve been with Bulb for at least a month. You’ll need to get confirmation of address elsewhere if you need it sooner.

Hi! Thanks for the reply. Can I still request one paper letter with the bill after a month?

Best wishes,

You could, but there’s not really much point. What Bulb will send you is just a print out of the PDF that will be available from your account dashboard. You can just print out exactly the same document, and unless you have the worlds worst printer no one will know any different. When they ask if you if it was posted to you just say “yes”.

Do you not have a bill or sale or a tenancy agreement for the new property bank should accept these.

Problem is as has been mentioned you won’t get a paper bill for over a month and they can’t change it for one month only you would change it then back.