Need help with smart meter

Hi team

M smart meter is not working from last 3days.its not showing the usage.I tried to reset couple of time and still error coming as DATA unavailable.

Can some one help to reslove


You’ll need to contact Bulb by phone or webchat on Monday morning to discuss this. I will say however there’s a lot of people in the same boat while Bulb work updating their systems to fix all the problems, so I wouldn’t expect a rapid solution.

I have the same problem AFTER a power cut, IHD wont connect to WIFI, messages on IHD screen , 1. waiting for meter readings (both gas and elec)
2. waiting for bill
3. waiting for tarrif
4. waiting for MPAN
5. waiting for MPRN
6. waiting for status far today -----/gas-----
and so it goes on every thing blank.

What is the point of this if it doesnt work. I have just done the 3 boxes reset , lets see

Hi Ravy,

Thanks for your enquiry. It sounds as though the In-Home Display has disconnected, this isn’t that uncommon, you can think of of the smart signal as similar to a wifi signal where sometimes it can drop out. If you try this fix in your Bulb account it should get it reconnected and your usage showing properly again

Hello Chloe at Bulb. I had my Smart Meter fitted in January and the IHD has never worked despite using the link you suggested/attached (about 10 attempts now). I still have no electric/gas meter readings showing on my account. I rang BULB (did get answered straight away) and the agent couldn’t tell me what my readings were despite saying the Smart Meter was up and working. Not so Smart Meter and wish I had never been duped into switching from my reliable manual meter.

Time to leave.


Its been almost 10days still not working my smart meter


You mean you’ve been sitting in the cold and dark for 10 days? You poor chap must be frozen

Hi Ravy,

We are picking up readings from your smart meter on our end and are using them for your statements. It can sometimes take a couple attempts for the In-Home Display fix in your Bulb account to work. If you are still have problems after trying again feel free to send me a direct message.