Need physical bill to prove ID

Hi there,

I need a physical copy of my bill mailed to my address to prove my ID - can this be actioned?

Secondly - at the top of my bill, even though I’ve changed address (and my billing address), it still shows my old address. I mailed a ‘help’ page about it to no reply, so flagging it here to be changed as well?

Let me know if this belongs somewhere else by the way - unsure where exactly to request this.

Bulb’s customer service details are here:

There’s something not right about what you’re saying. Technically you can’t change address, that’s not how energy supply works. The supply is for the property, not for the person. If you’ve moved house then the old account will have been closed and a brand new account opened, assuming your new property was also already supplied by Bulb.

When did you move and do you know who was supplying the property on the day you moved in?

The pdf bill that Bulb emails you would be the very same bill if it were posted. Why can’t you print it? How would whoever you need to show it to know it was posted?

Because in this particular case it’s got the wrong address on it …

Hence me asking for clarification on whether @adarsh.sekhar.p is even actually a Bulb customer at his new address.

Thanks for the clarification. I was querying the first part of the post but I guess it’s all linked!!