Need to move gas meter

Due to building work I need to move my gas meter to the opposing wall (less than 1 metre). Can you please advise on cost and how I set the ball rolling? This isn’t a smart meter if that makes any difference.

Try this

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Firstly you’ll need to contact your network operator as they may need to book a visit to move pipes before we can move the meter. The Energy Networks Association can tell you how to find your network operator (

You’ll then need to call us on 0300 30 30 635 to book an engineer to move the meter.

Your supply will be cut off between the 2 appointments, so you should try to make sure both visits happen on the same day - the network provider in the morning, and the meter engineer in the afternoon.

The cost of this move is £185.21 for gas. There may be an additional cost from the network operator so it is worth checking with them as well.

James W :slight_smile: