New 3 phase meter installation

Hello, I have been moved to 3 phase supply by our district network operator because of installing a heatpump and car chargers, I’ve been told no 3 phase metres are available, is this right? We now have no heating or hot water :frowning: Anyone had a standard 3 phase meter installed recently?

Meant to add… was advised by bulb the only thing to do is to change company, I really do not want to do this at the present time.

Usually, you have to pay somewhere from quite a lot of money to an extortionate amount of money to a DNO to get 3-phase in a residential property, so that sounds like a win if they’ve done it to you.

The only other comment I have is how do they propose to record your usage if they’re not fitting a meter? Never heard of that happening (indeed, there’s an advertising campaign going on at the moment trying to persuade businesses to get smart meters, and businesses are usually on 3-phase).

We only have a single phase connected atm because of the meter problem, so the heatpump etc. won’t work as it’s a 3 phase one.
We did have to pay to get it to our house but not too much as we have an electricity pole in our garden about 20 feet from house :grin: I know 3 phase normal metres are available but don’t understand why bulb won’t install one… we’re really stuck now… not a great advert for promoting green energy bulb!

Hi Emma. Bulb has just told us that they “currently don’t install 3 phase meters due to a lack of them on an industry level” and we should try one of the big 6 providers! Were you able to resolve this?

They are available, but apparently not with Bulb, they haven’t budged on their position with us & told us to leave to another supplier to get 3 phase or go to the ombudsman if we’re not happy with that…