New account - 1 bedroom flat in Edinburgh (gas & electric). Flat is tiny only 3 rooms. Quoted £162 a month. Seems absolutely ridiculous. Am I right in thinking this is way too much?

New account - 1 bedroom flat in Edinburgh (gas & electric). Flat is tiny only 3 rooms. Quoted £162 a month. Seems absolutely ridiculous. Am I right in thinking this is way too much?

Way too much! It should be at least half that !

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Hi @andyjones11 ,

Thanks for your post and welcome to the community :wave:

Our quotes are based on industry records of past consumption on the property as well as seasonal forecasts.

Is this a new property you have moved into ? Or have you been there a while? If you have estimated annual consumption from an old supplier for this property we could refine your quote.


Ele :bulb:

Hi Elle

Just to clarify - I moved in May to this flat and I’m renting it. I was with SSE and thought they were extortionate (£200) quarterly. I switched to Bulb, first receiving an erroneous transfer, but now the account has finally been setup 2 months after I thought I had opened it.

I have not used the heating once, I work 15 hours a day 5 days a week and am out the flat most weekends.

There is a living room, bathroom, bedroom and a small kitchen so 4 lights to be used which I rarely have on due to natural light.

£162 a month seems absolutely outrageous and should not be based on “past consumption”. I live in an area in Edinburgh which a lot of people I know also live in, and all their monthly payments are at least 40-60% less than this.

It doesn’t make sense?

You’ll get a much more accurate quote if you provide your actual usage figures instead of the “guesstimate” which is based on size of property/locality/previous usage etc.

If you did provide your annual usage figures from your previous provider, then the quote should be accurate (if your usage figures remain the same).

I note, from your later reply, you’ve been with Bulb since around May. Have you been providing monthly meter readings since then? If not, then Bulb has to rely on estimates which will be based on the previous occupiers usage.

Remember since May, energy usage prices have gone up :frowning:

Thanks Richy.

I was with SSE until July and then switched to Bulb because I’d heard they were much better/cheaper etc. However, they took over the wrong property’s supply in an Erroneous transfer so I was still with SSE unknowingly. I’ve finally moved over to Bulb as they’ve sorted the switch and now been told monthly payments will cost around £162.

I provided readings yesterday. Out of interest, how much did prices go up by roughly, percentage wise? I’m struggling to comprehend how SSE only charged me £200 for gas and electric from June-August, but Bulb want a payment of £162 every month.


Hi @andyjones11,

Sorry to hear about these increases. And the high amount your property is costing to energise.

A typical home using both electricity and gas will pay about £2.90 more for their energy a week, since the price change. We bill from meter readings so if you continue to submit them regularly we’ll have good visibility on what you use and make sure your bills stay accurate.

You can look up the new rates for your area by visiting the tariff page of the Bulb website: Tariffs | Bulb

These increases are affecting all energy companies, and other suppliers have increased their tariffs already. This is because changes in the wholesale market affect the cost of supplying energy across the board.

We have alternative ways to pay for your energy which i’d be happy to chat through with you. These include smart payg and paying upon receipt :bulb: of your statement.

Let me know if you have any q’s

– Daisy

I need help ASAP. Your colleagues have been so unhelpful and this change has been nothing short of disastrous. They’ve just put the monthly payment up again! I need someone to help me sort this issue.

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Just came across this just to see what people where writing and I think your bill is definitely to big. I live alone in a two bed mid terrace where I am at home nearly everyday as I do not work. I dont use the central heating much as I have a wood burning stove. My PC and screen is on all day and night. My bill has gone up to just under £100 pm. Have you checked if the previous tenants had a debt and or where using pre payment? You can sometimes be charged for previous debts. Also even though people do not like them a smart meter might be good as is gives an accurate reading.
You will hopefully be in credit when it is sorted out and you can claim the money back. If so I would claim some of it back and leave some credit with Bulb in case of another increase.
Hope it gets sorted.

I have found there can be a bit of circular logic to start with. In our case, our previous provider had spent the last year using “estimated billing” of about double what our actual metered use was. These estimates then become the “industry records” of use at the house for the new quote. Luckily Bulb DO actually use the smart meter data and adjust your billing once they have enough data.

Thanks guys. I’ve had an updated statement saying I must pay £175 a month. Genuinely not a clue what’s going on… they keep ignoring my emails as well. How do I get help and any idea why the payment has gone up three times this week?

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Hi Andy :wave:

I’m sorry that you’ve not been able to speak to someone to get this resolved.

I’ve had a look through your account and as @andrewsdanj mentioned, the industry estimated reads were too high. This has now been updated on your account.

If you’re able to make a payment to clear the current outstanding balance, your suggested payment amount will then be updated so it’s in line with your usage.

– Meg :bulb:

I am also in a 1 bed flat, new build, 1 person and have paid £50 up until recently, Bulb now suggesting I should be paying around £90. I give readings every month and am in credit so have no idea where these estimates are plucked from. Also Bulb is meant to be renewable energy?

Thank you Meg. I’ll arrange payment and then look forward to the accurate rate.

This is interesting, I live in a 2 up 2 down (3 of us in the property) I also am away a lot every weekend from March to Nov and holidays , my estimated energy is £3600 per year my ddebit is now at £239 (£2868 year) We don’t use gas from 1st March till 1st Nov, I no longer use the storage heaters for econ 7 and have oil filled rads x2 at 600w each. My water is immersion heated for under 2hrs per day on timer, at rest the house runs at approx 9-11p per hr. I have asked for my house to be checked to see if anyone else is using my electric (neighbour etc) I have lived in the house for 30years, not one electric company wants to know, I have been ripped off for years, I found last year after borrowing a little display meter Jan 2020 that before I got up in the morning around 7 am I had already used £3.56 of electric each day equates to £1299 per year, once I realised this I have turned off the storage heaters at the fuse box and replaced with oil rads, yes we do have extra freezers and a pond pump running but I can have all these running and the house at rest is a genuine 9-11 p per hour on the meter. Bulb have yet to recalculate my bills down since this change I expect to be at £150-160 per month, hopefully it settles out over the next few months before they want my direct debit to go to £292 per month YES £292 PER MONTH!!! I ran a garage business which used less electric than my house. Sorry but it looks like you will have to run with £162 but dont let them put it up, at the moment you cant switch as I have looked into it this week. Good luck Paul

Yes,their algorithm just makes shit up,it wanted to change my dd 3 times in a week a few years ago,Ingored it then and I ignore it now

Electric (resistive) heating is hiddeously expensive, about 20p per kWh against about 4p per kWh for gas. 3 kW immersion heater x 2 hours = £1.20. If those 2 x 600 watt oil filled rads are running 24/7, that’s 600 watts x 2 rads x 24 hours x 20p = £5.76 a day (ignoring duty cycles etc.). Add on 10p an hour x 24 hours and that’s another £2.40. That’s £9.36 a day. Amazing how quick it adds up with elecct at 20p a unit!

Thanks for the advice, we are cautious and are looking further to reduce our electric usage, I don’t worry about the gas as we are a very low user anyway. Thanks again and happy saving!!

Hi @lisalja :wave:

Thanks for your post and welcome to community.

Just looking over your account, you are in a good amount of credit so I would think that £50 would be the correct amount for you.

The projected usage is dependent on industry data that is held for your property, and is based on historical usage. I’m thinking this data might be slightly incorrect after the gas dispute you had on your account.

I’ve put a 2 month review on your account so your payments stay at £50 going forward, in hope that the projections will settle down by January.

Let me know if you want any more help with this.

Ele :bulb:

New to this forum.
I’m being ripped off. Two bed flat 3 storage heaters and tanks. £311 per month. Me and wife.
Swapped to what I was told was s two phase economy seven meter and just checked past few months on single tartifff. I’m away switch every thing off and it’s still £2.82. That at 6 in the morning.
Fuming. It’s costing about £311 per month and that’s bankrupting.
Bulb dirt yourselves out.
I have tried contacting them only available during week not weekend.
Been with them for years and they are taking the p.
Stay clear if smart meters and build.

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