New account - 1 bedroom flat in Edinburgh (gas & electric). Flat is tiny only 3 rooms. Quoted £162 a month. Seems absolutely ridiculous. Am I right in thinking this is way too much?

This is interesting, I live in a 2 up 2 down (3 of us in the property) I also am away a lot every weekend from March to Nov and holidays , my estimated energy is £3600 per year my ddebit is now at £239 (£2868 year) We don’t use gas from 1st March till 1st Nov, I no longer use the storage heaters for econ 7 and have oil filled rads x2 at 600w each. My water is immersion heated for under 2hrs per day on timer, at rest the house runs at approx 9-11p per hr. I have asked for my house to be checked to see if anyone else is using my electric (neighbour etc) I have lived in the house for 30years, not one electric company wants to know, I have been ripped off for years, I found last year after borrowing a little display meter Jan 2020 that before I got up in the morning around 7 am I had already used £3.56 of electric each day equates to £1299 per year, once I realised this I have turned off the storage heaters at the fuse box and replaced with oil rads, yes we do have extra freezers and a pond pump running but I can have all these running and the house at rest is a genuine 9-11 p per hour on the meter. Bulb have yet to recalculate my bills down since this change I expect to be at £150-160 per month, hopefully it settles out over the next few months before they want my direct debit to go to £292 per month YES £292 PER MONTH!!! I ran a garage business which used less electric than my house. Sorry but it looks like you will have to run with £162 but dont let them put it up, at the moment you cant switch as I have looked into it this week. Good luck Paul

Yes,their algorithm just makes shit up,it wanted to change my dd 3 times in a week a few years ago,Ingored it then and I ignore it now

Electric (resistive) heating is hiddeously expensive, about 20p per kWh against about 4p per kWh for gas. 3 kW immersion heater x 2 hours = £1.20. If those 2 x 600 watt oil filled rads are running 24/7, that’s 600 watts x 2 rads x 24 hours x 20p = £5.76 a day (ignoring duty cycles etc.). Add on 10p an hour x 24 hours and that’s another £2.40. That’s £9.36 a day. Amazing how quick it adds up with elecct at 20p a unit!

Thanks for the advice, we are cautious and are looking further to reduce our electric usage, I don’t worry about the gas as we are a very low user anyway. Thanks again and happy saving!!

Hi @lisalja :wave:

Thanks for your post and welcome to community.

Just looking over your account, you are in a good amount of credit so I would think that £50 would be the correct amount for you.

The projected usage is dependent on industry data that is held for your property, and is based on historical usage. I’m thinking this data might be slightly incorrect after the gas dispute you had on your account.

I’ve put a 2 month review on your account so your payments stay at £50 going forward, in hope that the projections will settle down by January.

Let me know if you want any more help with this.

Ele :bulb:

New to this forum.
I’m being ripped off. Two bed flat 3 storage heaters and tanks. £311 per month. Me and wife.
Swapped to what I was told was s two phase economy seven meter and just checked past few months on single tartifff. I’m away switch every thing off and it’s still £2.82. That at 6 in the morning.
Fuming. It’s costing about £311 per month and that’s bankrupting.
Bulb dirt yourselves out.
I have tried contacting them only available during week not weekend.
Been with them for years and they are taking the p.
Stay clear if smart meters and build.

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HI @RippedOff2 I’m really sorry to hear about the issues you’ve been having with us. Storage heaters are quite expensive to run but I can see that you’ve been switched to a two-rate tariff starting on 23/12/2021. Once this kicks in you should see your costs go down significantly. - Miriam

thier quotes are based on using you as a unlicensed credit broker, choose another provider,

at least Dick Turpin had the decency to wear a mask…

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This appears to be the thread to share concerns with cost of utility bill.

I`m living in a one bedroom flat with my wife which has a total floor area of 30 square metres and an energy rating E. Our tariff is Vair Fair Prepayment where there are day and night rates. There is no gas, only electricity. My wife is at home daily whilst I leave and return from work five days / week. We cook often and I take baths three times weekly after 1230 in the morning to use the night rates. Further, we use the washing machine and switch on our storage heater during off peak only. Previously the storage heater was used during the day but it seems that it was not storing heat overnight. This led to excessive cost in electricity include using our booster for hot water during peak period. Our bill has been approximately 120 GBP / week. Given the changes made, I expect the bill to be reduced to anywhere from 90 - 100 GBP / month. In Summer, I expect the bill to be further reduced when less hot water is required and heater is discontinued. I have requested a smart meter from bulb but the engineer declined to complete the work because parking was unavailable. My complaint was declined.

In summary, our electricity bill is excessive due to a number of factors including the energy efficiency of the property and the high cost tariff. There are no options available to change provider given the prepayment option. There is some saving with using off peak rates at the expense of staying up late to use electricity and freezing during the day when the heating is switched off in Winter. Fortunately, this is a temporary flat and will be looking to move house in the Summer.

Hi @Ed101 - welcome to community :wave:

I’m sorry to hear about the issues you’ve lately with Bulb.

I can see that my colleague is in the process of re-booking in a smart pay as you go meter. Some of the benefits of having these type of meters is you can top up in the comfort of your own home through the Bulb Account and App, easily monitor your usage and stay in control of your payments.

Along with the changes you’ve already made, I hope this new meter set up will help.
– Meg :bulb:

Oh god you poor thing. I’m having the same issue now. Hope you managed to get yours resolved

Hey @Helenagoodman Welcome to our community :wave:

I am sorry to hear that you have had some issues with your bills.

Following on from a winter period you may see your statements double as you use more. However below we have listed some key reasons why you may see an increase in your costs,

  • Particularly cold or mild seasonal weather leading to use of more or less energy than normal

  • Changes in circumstance (eg illness, new baby, working at home etc)

  • Faulty appliances using more energy than it should (a trace test would show this; which can be carried out by an electrician)

  • Changing types of appliance (ie moving from gas to electricity or vice versa)

  • Faulty meter (can be proven by an accuracy test)

If you feel the above doesn’t help it could be worth looking at ways of reducing your energy costs following some key tips which can be accessed here.

If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to reach out. We would be happy to help.

–Carl :bulb:

Hi Meg,

Thank you for your response.

Unfortunately its taking too long to rebook the engineer visit for the smart meter. The first visit didnt go ahead because the engineer was unable to find free parking which was incorrectly indicated when the job was booked contrary to my instructions. I have raised a complaint about this. Further, whilst the smart pay as you go meter will be an improvement in my current set-up, the cost will unlikely significantly change. Its acknowledged that the cost of electricity is significantly higher than gas which is further exacerbated being on a pay as you go meter. There are limited options available for customers with this arrangement. Bulb states that renewable energy is applied however there doesnt appear to be much information regarding this and implications on cost.


Hi @Ed101

I’m really sorry you’ve still not got a new appointment rebooked. I’ve just messaged by colleague Katherine that’s dealing with your case and asked her to get back in touch with an update and ensure the correct parking instructions are added to the booking form.

Unfortunately changes in the wholesale market do impact us when we supply renewable energy. At the moment, there is only one price for electricity and gas, and the cost of renewable energy is linked to this. So higher fossil fuel prices put up the price of renewables too.

@miriam_at_bulb has written a few pieces on how to improve the energy efficiency in your home, so I’d advise taking a look here and here.

– Meg :bulb:

Hi Meg,

Thank you for your continued support.

I appreciate you have prompted Katherine to escalate our smart meter fitting and I hope that my request for recompense due to error applied on parking instructions will be considered. Whilst a smart meter will improve managing our electricity use, it will unlikely change any behaviour. This has already been changed and optimised by frequently analysing the meter at regular intervals.

I have reviewed Miriam`s comments on energy efficiency and completed my personal research on this. We are unable to further optimise our energy use and will unfortunately continue to pay alarmingly high bills until the Spring.

I`m a healthcare professional who worked throughout Coronavirus Pandemic when the majority of the country was at home keeping safe on furlough. Now my tax contributions are supporting Bulb under administration. My wife and I currently have to wrap up warm until 1230 am when we can switch on our storage heater and enjoy a hot shower at off peak price to manage the bill. This is unacceptable in 21st century Britain particularly for those front line key worker staff in the health sector. Nevertheless, I will continue to attend work, promote health, safety and functional ability of my patients and return home after a challenging yet rewarding day at work.

I hope that sharing my experience is constructive and useful to others.


Hi. I have always been a Bulb fan until recently. They have tried twice in four months to increase my DD by £50 when I’m in credit. Corporate bullies !! Won’t be paying it ! Earn interest on my money depriving me of the interest

Hi @ncarman670 - welcome to community :wave:

I can see you’ve since been in touch and agreed to pay each month upon receiving your bill. If you have any questions about this please let me know.

– Meg :bulb:

I’ve had the same problem this month with my bill more than double what is was last month- from £77 to £169 even though I have done nothing differently this month to the last and provided actual meter readings on both occasions. I live in a 2 bed flat and there’s only me, does this sound right?

Hi @rnton597

Thankyou for your post and welcome to community :wave:

I just had a look over your account and would like to take a look at your meter readings in a little more detail, I’ll drop you an email later today so we can discuss this.

Ele :sunny:

I know it sucks to hear but June and August are cheap months which your usage will be lower. You know, less use of central heating so those 2 months don’t paint a true picture of your annual usage is. I’m only guessing here but say your monthly direct debit was around or just above the £100 mark with SSE? then £162 sounds about right with the 54% price increase. Am i way off the mark with your SSE monthly figure?