New account question.

Hi, new to bulb.
I just wondered if everything was ok with my switching as I have switched to Bulb two days ago to an economy 7 (two rate) deal due to getting an electric car.

Just had a quick look at my meter and one rate seems to be counting up but rate 2 is on the same reading and I have been charging the car at night. Does activating the economy 7 take longer to activate after switching?

If someone could put my mind at rest as I have not switched before.

@Wacoe Your E7 meter should be working straight away. This should not be affected by switching.

Are you able to get take some readings 30 mins apart in the day hours and then 30 mins apart in the night hours so we can see if we need to replace the meter? Could you send this to

Hi, thanks for the reply, I will get some meter readings.

When you say night hours, what would my night hours be from - to?