New Account Set Up

We’ve been with Bulb for some time. We sold our house, received our final account. There’s a gap between selling and buying and I’ve just set up a new Bulb account for the new address. We are completing the purchase on 23 August. The new Bulb account isn’t going to start until 7 September, however. We will take meter readings the day we move in, but what do we do with these? We don’t know who is the current supplier. Advice please? Thanks.

@annisik great advice from @phproxy ! We can find out your current provider from your new address, I have emailed you for your address, so just ping me back. Please give your meter readings to the supplier already in place, and set up an account with them to pay for the energy you use until the switch. If you don’t, they may object to the switch. Any questions just let us know, looking forward to having you at your new property!

How do I get an acceptable display name?

How do I get an acceptable display name?

What’s that question got to do with the topic of the thread you have resurrected from August 2017?

To answer your question, you typed in your display name when you registered to use the forum earlier this evening. If it wasn’t acceptable to you, you should have typed in something else at that point. If you contact Bulb that may be able to change it for you. Other than that you’ll have to register another forum account.