New Boiler


I’m about to get a new gas boiler and part of the package is a new hive thermostat (as quotes from British Gas) but are they any good? Should i just go with a simple thermostat or a nest thermostat?

I’m also a bit confused about smart meters? Is that ‘hive’ / ‘nest’ thermostat anything to do with a smart meter or is that something completely different and totally unrelated?


Hi Jeremy,

The Nest thermostats are pretty cool, as they let you control your heating remotely, which can mean you always come home to a warm house and/or can save you quite a bit of money over a year or more precise use. So go for it if that sounds good to you, or turn it down if you’d prefer something simpler :slight_smile:

Smart meters are a different thing completely, and the Nest thermostat wouldn’t interact with it directly. A smart meter tells you how much energy you’re using and how much you have used, whereas a Nest thermostat would let you control your heating.

Hope that helps! Let us know if you’ve got any other questions :slight_smile:

Hi, does Bulb energy provide gas boiler annual contract?

Hi @Sid - we don’t provide that - we can supply your gas and electricity to your property though! :slight_smile: