New build trying to switch

I did a switch on uswitch however it hasnt been able to take place yet as my current gas supplier hasnt replied to my question about updating the industry system database i am guessing it is something to do with my home being a new build. Once/if it is sorted will i have to do the switch again or just comtact you?

As someone who went this this process a few years ago (new build, the industry database not being updated and then being updated incorrectly resulting in me having to send pictures of the installed meter and its serial number to the supplier), it’ll take time.

I’d suggest contacting Bulb directly via (see ) to see if they can work with the ‘deemed supplier’ (i.e. whoever your builder set you up with) to get things updated and moved across. It’ll be helpful if, when you contact Bulb, you include your full address, plot number, meter serial numbers (as printed on the meters) and if you have any documentation from your current supplier, the name of that supplier, the MPAN (13 digit long electric number - the bottom set of digits by the “S” on the paper work)/MPRN (10 digit gas number) so they can try multiple approaches to help get you sorted.

Hi @ellabella03, just send us an email at to let us know that the database has been updated and we’ll be able to complete your signup