New Bulb

Happy to have made the switch and support renewable energy :slight_smile:
I’ve only read really good reviews about Bulb, how’s your experience been so far?

Hi @bfmags, Happy New Year and welcome to the community!

I had a few switching niggles which were resolved by excellent customer service but as a young company I expected a few things wouldn’t necessarily be quite as polished as they will be in the future.

Their openness and community engagement has been second to none in the energy industry. A real breath of fresh air compared to what you get from the big energy companies (and even a lot of the smaller ones).

Switched on 6 Dec with high expectations - and I haven’t been disappointed. B)
Knocks spots off any company I’ve used before.

No problems whatsoever. I have been with Bulb for over a year which is the first time I haven’t switched in a very long time.

Happy New Year! And thanks for sharing your experiences, definitely encouraging. Can’t wait now :smiley: