New charges ie Standing charges

Why has the standing charge increased by such a large percentage

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Unfortunately the increase in wholesale costs has been so significant that we’ve had to spread the increase across all elements of our pricing. However, we’re still below the price cap and when the cost of supplying energy falls sufficiently so will our prices.

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I did a Google search for “Bulb energy price reduction”…

Google responded with “no results…searching for Bulb energy price rises”. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hi Google is not always right?? Or is it?? Not long after switching from a solr l can remember getting a woo hoo email off bulb
Your gas prices are going down and you will be saving £8 a YEAR but further down the same email electricity network charges were going up 20+% (this April going up 39%) so you choose was it a price reduction or another price rise???
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This was about February 2019