New connection, new meter required

I’m refurbishing my house and getting a new electricity feed in to support air source heat pumps.
I therefore need a new meter, but have had no response from Bulb to my emails for a full month now, despite chasing.
Given the chat is always offline and the phone number is emergency only, how can I get this looked into?

Hey @clarelangley,

Welcome to Bulb community! :relaxed:

I just want to start off by sincerely apologising that you haven’t had a response to your emails to get a meter job scheduled, when is the electricity distributor coming to the house to fit some new wires?

We can coordinate with them so that way they can do the re-wiring and then our meter contractor (either Siemens or Morrison Data Services) can come around to connect a new meter.

The chat should still be available, but you can always reach out to us on social media (this is the team we’re all a part of on here). We’re on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and we can discuss this better there.