New Customer and new to bulb

Hi Bulb, im a new customer that has not got one of your smart metres, however i have my own one! Should i be using a smart meter from Bulb, surely you could start sharing those kits and boxs please assist me with getting one. Other than that, im just getting used to Bulb and how you operate! i look forward to have cheap energy!

Hi @SINGLETONj-r1st, firstly welcome to Bulb and to the Bulb community more widely :wave:

I can see that you have first generation (SMETS1) smart meters, so unfortunately we wouldn’t be able to send you out an IHD (in-home display) unit that can communicate with your meters. However, you can absolutely continue using the one that you have, that’s no problem at all :+1:

Thanks for your kind words, we look forward to seeing you around the Community more too!