New Customer Cant Register a Bulb account - SOLVED


I am a new customer (from Oct 1) and have been asked to submit a first meter reading.

But cannot register and use a bulb account. Tried the following.

  1. “email me a link” option on sign-in page:
  • First I get “cant find account”

  • so I fill in all details: name, address, postcode, DOB etc.

  • get message “Verify email address”

  • I do this and get “thanks for verifying your email” - and clickable link saying “Back to your Bulb account dashboard”

  • I click - and I am back to the sign-in page

  • if I then fill in password i get “we have sent email to verify access”

  • At this point NO email from bulb is received.

I have tried the above, and possible variations, with no success, unfortunately.

Could you please help on this if possible so that I may start on my bulb account, and submit my first reading.

With thanks. jla.

Silly answer here but have you checked you junk folder Bulb tends to end up in there. Also try using the APP if you can.

unfortunately you willlneed to contact blub first thing Moday for an account reset.
Not a very auspicious start I know, but this has been a long standing issue with blub that they seem completely incapaple of rectifying

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Timm, thanks for suggestions.
Nothing in junk/spam folder.
We only have a desktop PC for internet access - so do not have possibility to use the APP, which I gather can only be installed on smartphones/tablets.
Live in remote area: no wifi or mobile signal.

skippy64: OK, if that proves only way forward, will phone bulb on Monday for account reset.

Thank you.

I emailed the problem to bulb support today, Sunday, 1pm, UK time. Got a response a minute later which has successfully setup the account.

Very quick response!

So now have submitted my first readings.

Problem has been solved.

Thank you.

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Glad you got sorted :+1: :+1: