New customer - confusion with meter readings

Hello, so I am joining Bulb, on 2nd February and currently going through the process of being setup. Yesterday I submitted my 1st meter readings and today I have been asked for my 1st meter readings again? Also I have just gone into my account and it says that last meter reading was taken on 2nd February 2020…somehow in the future? Please help/advise.

You can give your opening meter reading ±5 days either side of your switch date. Whatever date you do it, the readings will be dated as if they’re given on your switch date.

The duplicate email is probably just a glitch.


I’m just in the process of switching my gas on 12th Feb to

Took usual monthly readings of gas and electricity today as is normal manually, but took additional precaution of taking photographs also for my records just in case :wink:

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I’ve been thinking along similar lines.
Never taken a meter photo, but I will be when I switch to So Energy on 17 Feb - just in case.


@198kHz, Good choice. We’ve been on So.Energy since December and have been quite happy. We’ve changed our tariff once while on them. From Yak to Alder and eaten the £5 exit fee, as the savings were far more than that. Also with our £40 referral credit not like we paid for the move. The only thing that is a bit frustrating about So.Energy is that they’ve reduced their gas prices a number of times since December, for our region, down from 2.97p to 2.54p. but I suppose its a first world problem to complain about how many times your energy supplier reduces their price.

Each time I simply sent an email off to So requesting the change and within the week they replied and made the changes.

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Yeah, I know what you mean; I’d more or less decided to go with So earlier this month, but delayed applying for a few days, during which time the Alder tariff appeared, bringing gas in the West Mids down from 2·48p to 2·41p. :sunglasses:
What was it Bulb used to say about tracking the market?


As far as I can tell, a blatant lie that the Energy Ombudsman should be looking into.

For us though we’re off to Octopus Go for electricity from the 30th of January and we already have a SMETS2 install booked for the 6th February.

Can’t risk trying to use Bulb’s ‘Smart’ Tariff again for EV charging at night. Had far too many problems from no statements to inaccurate/no smart meter readings. The whole thing was a headache.

Might even consider trying out the Octopus Agile, though I don’t think it regularly goes as low as 5p between 12am and 7am compared to GO.


Ofgem if anyone, I’d have thought - but then, I don’t think they’ve actually broken any rules. Maybe they’ll get the message when enough people start voting with their feet, which judging by recent posts seems to be gathering momentum.
I’m switching electric too, as So is a bit cheaper than Bulb even with slightly higher SC, and I don’t have any requirement for a smart meter or tariff.
Hope all goes well for you. :smile: