new customer day/night meter query

Just switched to Bulb and my meter is a day and night one so 2 tariffs involved,can this be switched so I only give a single meter reading tariff as we don’t seem to gain much of the day/night tariff.When I have switched before with other companies they know its a day/night meter automatically as it must be linked to my address…

I was wondering the same. Also, I have not been asked to provide details of my current supplier. Do I need to or do Bulb know by some other method?

@Nuttalls88_ If you would like to switch to a single rate tariff you would have to pay for a 1 rate meter which would cost £120 I am afraid.

@maxx We know your current supplier from the industry records which we find using your address :slight_smile:

I think I may have to re-consider suppliers. This makes Bulb considerably more expensive for my electricity as my night usage is minimal. A real shame

I have an day/night meter (eco7), after joining bulb I just asked them to put me on the single rate tariff which they did no problem without needing to change my meter. I still have to enter day and night readings but they are both charged at the same standard tariff rate.

Unfortunately I have found another reply from Dan at the end of July saying they will no longer do this