New Customer Dual Fuel?

I recently received an email from my provider saying that my electricity was moving. Can you please confirm that you are taking both my electricity and gas?

@Cowboyken, the transfer of gas supplies often seems to take a little longer to all be finalised for some reason.

I’m sure they’ll be switching both across for you if that’s what you requested.

@Cowboyken we’ve definitely got a gas meter on your switch request, but as @mowcius said correctly, the gas moves a lot slower. Feel free to check with your current supplier again or send us an email with an image of the meter to make sure everything’s moving along as it should.

I’ve just checked with my current supplier who says they have not yet received a loss notification for my gas. Can you please confirm that you are taking both my gas and electricity on 12 Jan?

@Cowboyken - I can confirm we are taking over both your gas and electric supplies on the 12/01/18. As @“Ralf at Bulb” has mentioned if you would like us to check we are taking over the correct meter please email us at