New customer experience and request for support

I took over a flat some time ago and the ownership of the account automatically fell to me despite the fact that it was my sons home.

He has tried numerous times to create an account so he can get on with paying bills but the onboarding journey is close to useless and he is caught in a rut.

I have tried to call up call centre over past two months and either found they are closed (great opening hours) or there is a 20 - 30 minute waiting time.

Experience so far is abso shocking.

Now getting escalated mails despite the fact i have messaged for a call back since last week so tonight…i thought i could create an account, link it with the paperwork i have and then pay the outstanding balance that has accrued and then argue the toss later.

Can see no obvious way to do this…can anyone help?

I don’t quite understand the details of your post, or why the “ownership of the account” automatically fell to you despite it not being your house. I don’t think any of this matters.

Whoever has stopped paying the bill needs to complete the “moving out” process by clicking the “move out” button in their Bulb account. See:

The person now responsible for the bills needs to complete the “moving in” process by clicking the “moving in” button. See:

The phrase “move out” and “move in” are somewhat misleading. It’s irrelevant whether you actually live in the property or not. Really “move in” means “take responsibility for the bills”, and “move out” means “end my responsibility for the bills”.

If you’ve already done all this, then you have no choice but to keep trying to get in touch with Bulb. If the wait on the phone is 20-30 minutes then you’re going to have to wait 20-30 minutes.