New customer first payment

Had my first payment taken out and start of contract on the 5th December…I decided to change payment dates after this to the 15th to be more convenient from next month and now had an email saying my payment is coming out in 3 days when you’ve already had it…please get this corrected as I wouldn’t be a happy bunny as a new customer with mistakes happening straight away…Cheers

Hi @tommo,

When you change a payment date, it sets your next payment to the next occurrence of that date, hence the 15th. Since you pay by direct debit, we aren’t able to cancel it on our end I’m afraid. The request has already gone to the bank and they’re processing it since it takes 7 days to process.

There are two ways to fix this though:

  1. I could skip your January payment
  2. You ask you bank to cancel the Direct Debit before it’s finished processing on the 15th December.

If you chose #2, we’d then have to get new payment details from you. If you’d like, we could even change your payment method to automatic debit card payments so that we would have all this hassle with Direct Debits and we could cancel it any time.

Sorry I can’t fix it for you. Let me know which you’d prefer and I’ll sort it out for you.

All the best,

Fair enough Will…I will pay it but how do you skip January payment if Direct Debit is already set up?..if this is possible and January will be skipped could you sort it please.


All sorted. Your January payment is now set to be £0.00. It’s possible by essentially creating multiple payment schedules. Your payments in Jan will be £0.00. And from then on it’ll be back to the normal amount.

Thanks for your help Will…

No worries. Any time. Happy to help.