New customer going round in circles trying to submit a bloody meter reading

Hello, i’ve had a request to submit a meter reading as a new customer. Happy to do so except when i sign in i just keep ending up in the community page - who needs this? A phone number perhaps for support issues…
If i search how to submit a meter reading on the help page it just brings me back to the community page…frustrated. I just want to submit the readings and get on with my day…

0300 30 30 635, bearing in mind that bulb treat all weekends as 4 day bank holidays.
This is a recurring issue that is happening to new customers and bulb seem incapable/incompetent of resolving. You will need to contact them for an account/password reset

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Bulb’s contact details: Submit a request – Bulb

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@louishemming Welcome to the Bulb community :wave:

Sorry you have had issues logging in and submitting readings.

When switching to Bulb, you will need a password to login and activate the Bulb account on your phone tablet or computer, if this has not been activated it may mean you will be sent to community when logging in.

It seems this could be resolved now but I am dropping you an email just to make sure there’s no further problems.


Clearly this is still happening as guess what, I am a new customer trying to submit a meter reading and going round in circles back to the community page. Any help???

This is happening to new customers(and returning ones)after they have followed the correct procedure, need to do better than that Carl!

I have been a Bulb customer for nearly a year now, every time I put in my monthly meter readings, nothing is recorded on my account and I get estimated bills, every, single, month. Now I am owing £1100 with £400 of that for the last month alone !!!

Switching to PAYG so I can manage it all myself…

Hi @BBG - I’m so sorry for the inconvenience here. You should be able to access your Bulb account now. :slightly_smiling_face:

@bonobo I’ve taken a look and it does look like your meter readings are being accepted on the account. The issue seems to be that we haven’t been receiving your readings 2-3 days before your payment date each month. If we don’t receive your readings in this window, then we need to produce an estimated reading for the end of the billing period to be used in your monthly statement.