New customer here!

Hello! I’m moving to a new home in January and have switched the provider to Bulb so it starts almost straight away. The estimated bill (for just electricity) seems very high. The house has no gas but is heated by Oil - Does the estimate assume heating is by electricity too? It is saying my DDs will be £94 a month just for electricity in a 4 bed house. Seems a lot for a few lights, a couple of TVs, and washing machine/dryer. Thank you.

I presume you have submitted estimates for previous usage, that being the case your DD will be based on those figures.Bulb will not assume which items you use but base on factual historical figures so on that basis your heating would not be in their estimates.
If your DDs eventually show to be inaccurate they can be adjusted.

I’ve never lived in the property so I have no idea on the usage. It’s been vacant for a year now. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what the meter readings show and then hopefully the cost will come down.

If it is of any help I have a 4 bed house ( 2 occupants) and my annual cost for electricity are as below. (the red column)
That equates to £380 per year which would be approx £32 per month (based on averages over 3 years) The last 12 months come in around £403 which would be around £34 per month.
I have gas central heating.

@Aisha, if you didn’t submit any previous figures when signing up and are signing up for electricity only, Bulb will indeed assume that the property is going to be heated by electricity.

If you’re heating by oil as you say, scudo’s figures for leccy are probably not too far off a typical household.

I might stop my switch to bulb, I was with EDF. Told it was simple but so far not so good, bulbs on xmas hols.

Hi @Fedup , we’re sorry to hear your switch so far hasn’t been going well. Feel free to send a private message here or email us at to look into it. If you do decide you don’t want to switch, just let us know before the last week of your switch so we can properly withdraw the application.