New Customer Login To App

Was anyone else surprise to see the first greeting when they switch and logged into the app “your balance is low. You’reusing More than you are spending.”

Hey @Alexh. Thanks for pointing this out. We’re aware that this is confusing and we’re getting it sorted.

For now, ignore the suggestion to increase the monthly payments. As soon as we start receiving your meter readings, we’ll know how much energy you are using and we’ll send you an email if we think your monthly payment should change.

I’ll explain why this happens:

As you sign up to Bulb, you will either enter your projected annual consumption or we use a national average of your house size and area. We base your suggested monthly payment on these figures. This is the most accurate way to set your monthly direct debit payment.

During the 21 day sign up process, we receive information about your meter. Two key pieces of information we receive are your EAC (electricity estimated annual consumption) and AQ (gas annual quantity). These are based on historical usage for the property and used across the industry. They are not set by Bulb.

We can’t get our hands on the EAC or AQ before you sign up.

In your case, as your EAC/AQ are higher than the estimated usage when you signed up, we’ve said ‘looks like your payments are too low’.

This leads to confusion for our members. Especially as the EAC/AQ are not always accurate. And that’s why we’re looking to stop the suggested payment amount showing in the Bulb Account when you first sign up.