New Customer - Meter Readings not adding up

We received our final bill from old supplier (SSE) earlier today, and the meter reading on it does not match the one we supplied Bulb on the 12th Feb when we switched, It’s estimated, as is the apparent meter reading showing up on our bulb account for today. This should not be the case as we have smart meters on electricity and gas

What makes this worse is that the meter reading that’s on our account and on the final SSE bill is in fact higher than what is there now - meaning something has gone wrong somewhere.

I have copies of the emails and took a picture just now of the gas reading which I can show if needed the reading I supplied for the gas has been overridden completely.

There should not be any fault with the meter either, it worked perfectly fine with SSE and was only installed in the last 5 months.

It’s not an old meter.

Hey @blairpscott,

I’m really sorry about this - it sounds like we may need to raise a dispute to get your opening meter readings updated. I’ve popped you an email now, please get back to me there when you can and we can get that sorted.


Hi @GeorgieS_at_Bulb I’ve dropped you a reply just now!

Thanks @blairpscott I’ll take a look at that when I’ve got some time for emails :grin:

Hey there, still waiting - got SSE breathing down my neck yesterday - this could be resolved fairly quickly as I did provide you with photo evidence of the meter at the time.

@GeorgieS_at_Bulb can I get a reply today to find out what’s happening?

Another day of not having any contact, all the while, I’m being contacted by SSE to chase up this bill and hearing nothing from Bulb at all.

Considered using the chat service, but no operators and don’t want to have to call in. I’ve submitted updated readings a week ago, but they haven’t been changed with evidence. I emailed in 5 days ago and never got a further reply - this is getting incredibly frustrating considering this is only the second week of energy supply.

The communication now is really poor.

Ok, I even tried the chat feature and it got me cut off.

Come on guys, this really shouldn’t be this difficult.