New customer - needing some help

I recently moved into a new place (21st Feb) and within less than two weeks decided to change the energy supplier, who I didn’t have a contract with in the first place, as their tarriff was too dear. Everything has been going well until I recieved a bill (by the looks of it not a final bill) from the old energy supplier, EDF, looking for £125 which was based on the average meter reading going back to October 2018, when I wasn’t even living there then. I sent a meter reading to Bulb as they requested but when I contacted EDF they said they hadn’t recieved anything. So would like to know what happened to this reading and why I need to pay that amount for about a months use?

This is a public forum you need to contact the Bulb team direct.

You need to take this up with eon. If you mention when you moved into the house they’ll refund the difference. This sounds like a case of a previous tenant or owner wasn’t submitting readings.