New customer online account

Im signing in but getting message “ “signed in go to community “ I cannot see my account or anything ?

Any help please ?

I’m having exactly the same problem trying to submit 1st meter readings! I’m not impressed with my change so far at all!

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Hey guys,

Just to confirm are you signing in from You may need to create an account with your choice of email address to do so. The community has a separate sign in mechanism; if you’re not yet a customer, and for all intense and purposes is a separate thing all together.

The forum isn’t monitored by support as much as the phone lines and live chat (when you eventually login).

You should have an email asking for your 1st readings witch contains a link that says “Enter Readings” - Click on that and it should take you straight there.

Hi I am having same problem, I click the link to enter meter readings, it takes me to community, I am completely exhausted with it. I am getting very worried about joining this company now, service so far does not fill me with confidence. I am still trying to enter meter readings to no avail, I keep ending up on this page. I’m losing my patience, it’s been 2 days now. Can someone please help? Rita Santamera