New customer. Smart meter not communicating with supplier

Hi, I’m a new customer (today), and my smart meter has stopped communicating (a week ago), with the supplier (now bulb). The red wan light is on full solid. I have had no problems with signal strength in 5 years of having the smart meter. How long does this go on before I can get someone to see if the meter is faulty, or if a signal problem had developed in the area?

If it’s a 5-yr old smart meter, then it’s likely to be SMETS1 at best (and might even predate that standard). Those generally go “dumb” when switching supplier.

There is a programme in place to gradually upgrade all SMETS1 meters to ensure they’re always smart, but it’s running seriously behind the original schedule.

You’ll probably have to revert to taking readings regularly and submitting them to Bulb to get accurate bills (the best time to do so is between the “DD is due” email and your payment date).

I would make sure you read the meter today, if this is your switch date, so that you can give Bulb an accurate opening read (which they will pass on to your previous supplier for them to issue a final bill).

No it’s not gone dumb. It went like this with my previous supplier the week before I switched. Sorry not one week ago as I stated previously (cold fingers), more like 4 weeks ago.

Hey @CJ1970,

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@stevefoster’s response was rather spot on about SMETS1 meters.

I’ve just taken a look into your account and I see you just switched over to us. There’s a few things I want to double check, so I’m just sending you an email now :relaxed:

As with other people on this page, my smart meter is not sending readings to bulb. I have had no gas or electrify usage updates since August 2020.

I have tried to speak with someone on you “bot” and have wasted over an hour. I get to the top of the queue, then nothing happens.

PLEASE HELP this is the heaviest period of use and I have no idea if I am in credit or debit.

thank you

New customer here as well and app doesn’t read my smart meters. Says there’s been a problem and to check back later. I don’t have an IHD either so no idea how much energy I’m using. Chat bot doesn’t seem to work either so not exactly been a good start :pensive:

Hey @GMF - I’ve popped you a reply on another thread so please check that there.

@eightlegs - I’m really sorry if we’re not receiving smart meter readings yet. As your switch was only recent, I’d suggest waiting until your first bill comes through at which point we can see if we’ve had smart readings on the account yet. Let me know if theres any issues after that comes through. :smile:

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Hi GeorgieS

what is happening? I sent you the photograph as requested, answered you question about the date on the bottom of the sticker… and have heard nothing back from you?

Thank you