New Customer Switch

Hi I switched today through USwitch. I have just found out that i could have got a £25 credit if i had joined through Compare the Market as well as other cinema benefits. I would like to cancel and sign up through Compare the Market. Can you cancel my switch request so that i can do this asap please.

Hi @kev059, we haven’t yet processed the sign ups coming in from price comparison websites. Once you get communication from us that that switch was initiated, you’ll be able to cancel your switch on your online Bulb account. If you give it about a week or so, you’ll be able to sign up again.

Otherwise, because it’s so early in the switch, I would suggest contacting the site you signed up through and see if they can cancel it before it’s sent off to us.


@“Devin at Bulb”, wouldn’t it just make more sense to just give them £25?
You’re going to spend far more than £25 paying Compare the Market if @kev059 does go ahead and sign up there…

@mowcius Wouldn’t you rather there was a bit of hassle involved to get it?

@xxx, I’d rather Bulb does things efficiently to save us all money.

Regarding getting referrals and the hassle involved, we should probably leave that for the other thread! :grin:

Hey @mowcius @xxx - sorry this is more hassle than expected.

We have to pay whichever price comparison site sends a successful switch through to us, and it’s not fair to them if we set up an exclusive deal with one of our partners, but then honour the same deal for members switching through other sites. It would also be likely to harm our chances of being able to work closely with switching sites in future if we break their trust.

In terms of efficiency, we find it’s generally easiest to have a fixed policy rather than making exceptions or going on gut feel each time, as that will always involve people asking each other what they would do, referring it to a manager for advice or similar, all of which takes up a lot of time.

Hope that makes sense,