New customer teething issues

I seem to be having issues with my password & don’t know why, have had to reset twice. The other new customer issue I have is with 1 part of the app. On the first/top part, you’re shown your balance. But before my first payment was taken, I see it says something like, “you have £0 you’re using more than you’re spending”. I don’t feel that gets you off to a great start. I obviously have no statements yet either. Then my first advance payment is taken, but now it’s just changed slightly to say, “Your balance is low, you’re using more than you’re spending”. I don’t think this is the best way to greet customers on the app.

Hi there @Shamrockgirl thanks for getting in touch. In terms of the password issues, we’ll probably need to get slightly more specific to sort them out than I’d like to do through a public forum. If you wouldn’t mind emailing hopefully we’ll be able to get it sorted out for you.

In terms of the app, that’s really helpful thanks. We’ve recently changed our website version of the Bulb account to remove that exact bit, as we found that it wasn’t particularly helpful for new members. It sounds like we need to do something similar for the app, as those sorts of messages aren’t really how we want your bulb experience to kick off

Thanks for that response David, have only now read it (3/11/2018)

No worries! We’re all busy people :slight_smile: