New Customer - why are you ignoring me?

I recently switched to Bulb for electricity. Meter readings were provided on switch day. Identical readings to old company and bulb. These have been ignored and totally fictional readings have been sent to the old company resulting in being over billed by several hundred pounds.

I have emailed twice to the only email address to be found on your site (to attach photographic evidence of meter readings) and not even received the courtesy of acknowledgement let alone help.

Thank you. I was expecting to see a link at the foot of every page :roll_eyes:

At least the form sends an automated acknowledgement.

Should be a help button at top and bottom of your account page and top and bottom of the community page

Please check out it will be Bulb who supplies the readings to the old supplier.

This from my joining e-mail. R-

Hi Roger,

[Thanks for your meter readings]

We’ll send them to the independent company that checks meter readings right away.

They’ll send them over to your old supplier who’ll create your final bill within six weeks. We’ll email you when they let us know your old supplier has them.

There isn’t anything else you need to do. So you can get on with the important things in life.

Lovely to have you with us,
Team Bulb