New customer with smart meter

I have a smart meter from my old supplier utilita had my 1st payment taken just worried I am going to get a big bill as bulb are estimating my readings when I joined I don’t like smart meters they admit high Rf and frequency I want it taken out for a key meter

You’ll need to submit manual readings, just like with traditional meters.

The smart meter just has a mobile phone radio inside (at least for the central and southern region). The northern region has a longer range radio that uses even lower frequency (lower frequencies travel further). I suggest reading some actual science rather than pseudo-science nonsense. If you’re worried about high frequency electromagnetic radiation from smart meters, it’s going to blow your mind when you learn about visible light.

Bulb can do this for you at a cost of £120. Note your energy will be more expensive.

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I didn’t think bulb installed prepayment meters themselves, just took on other supplies with then already in situ.
But your other points are spot on about smart meters.


Yes I think you’re right and I’m mistaken.

I dont know what the cost is if your working or on benefits with the installation of a prepaid meter

It’s very difficult almost Impossible to move from smart meters to standard types of meters if you’re already on a smart meter. However it is a simple mode change to pre pay if you already have smart meters.

Except Bulb don’t yet support smart prepayment meters any type.

I have a smart meter already from old supplier but mine has to be done by direct debit so I don’t know when bulb will be changing to smart meters had 1st payment come out don’t know what my bill going to be the 1st month gotta get my meter reading done as its estemated at the moment