New customer

I’m moving home on the 9th of august and will like have You as a our gas and electricity supplier. What do ai need to do?

Hey there @sabcik91 - that’s great to hear :+1: Easiest thing to do is just to get a quote online at using your postcode and we’ll sort out the rest :slight_smile:

Good choice @sabcik91! You can also get a quote via and receive £50 credit when you do switch!

Can I do this now or I need to wait until we move? Thank You :))

Hi @sabcik91 I recommend you wait until you move in. It’s cleaner that way.

Lovely thank You guys really appreciate. Just last question as we got different suppliers now, do I need to change address with them first after we move, and switch to bulb?

@sabcik91 You can get your current supplier to get it changed or you can simply ask us after your supply switch date with us to get it changed too =) !