New customer.

After living in the U.S for many years I returned to the U.K. Having never had a utility service here I signed up for Bulb. I collected my new home keys on the 28th April but I won’t be supplied by Bulb until May 18th. I took meter readings on April 29th. Are these the readings needed for my first billing cycle?.

@aberrn, if you’re not going to be supplied by Bulb until the 18th, you will need to submit new meter readings closer to the switch date (up to 5 days either side).

The period up until May 18th will need to be paid to the current energy supplier of the property. If you’ve not sent them any information, they’ll likely send you a final bill addressed to the occupier once the Bulb switch is complete.

Hey @aberrn , @mowcius is spot on once again. We’ll let you know by email when we’re ready to receive your opening meter readings. The time until your switch will be final-billed by the current supplier to these readings.

It’s often a good idea to provide the April 29th readings to the current provider. This will ensure they only bill you for usage used when you were in the property and will allow them to have your details on the final statement.