New Customer

In September I switched to Bulb, although not being the cheapest, I would be making a saving of £20 per month which was good enough for me. Now after only a month, they are saying that my payments are not enough and I should up them by another £10. How can they come to this conclusion after only one month!

@CarolG We advise that at this time of year it’s good to have your monthly payment of credit in your account plus an additional month’s, at least, which you generally build up over the summer months. This is due to now moving into winter with higher usage. There’s also the increased fuel prices to consider, too.

Since your projected usage is higher than your payments we advise increasing your payment to ensure that come next winter you’re in a good position.

It’s only advice, we’re just trying to make sure you don’t end up in debit this time next year.