New Customer

Hi, we moved from E yesterday and officially became Bulb members. Having had a smart meter in the past, we were informed that our meter wouldn’t work with the new tariff. That’s fine.

The only concern we have is we are watching the old credit from E tick away, so just want to know that we have officially moved because according to the smart meter, it’s no different lol.

No one?

I just want to know if my energy will go off when this smart meter hits zero when I switched almost a week ago :frowning:

What do you mean old credit? Do you have a smart prepayment meter? If so, this might help:

I’ll take a look thanks.

It’s a smart meter but I’m sure I read that older smart meters wont work properly yet. So I was worried that I’d keep having to top up with the old company lol.

If you moved to Bulb with a smart meter that Bulb can’t read then you need to submit meter readings. Any money owing to or owed by your previous supplier will be taken care of in your final bill from them.