New Direct Debit Amount Double My Last Bill

Do you mean Bulb set this up for you? Your first sentence suggests it’s something you can do yourself.

Yes Bulb set it up. Actually they were quite helpful

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Cheers. I’ve been on a variable DD for a year. Best thing I ever did. No credit build-up to worry about!

So, my bill has declined due to lower usage (I have dual fuel and this is because of the summer months). However, I recently had my account increased, and now they want to increase it again from £191 to £214 in September! My account is currently £100 in credit but is saying that I use £200+ monthly… I don’t believe I have had a single bill this year for £200+. It’s really stressing me out. I know the cost of everything is rising, but this is nuts.

We have a smart meter… worst thing we ever did.

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I’ve had the same, if at any time my account goes in to debit, i make sure I top up, So Bulb please can you not increase my payments without my consent

I’ve changed over to variable DD. I’m waiting for a consolidated bill after they reversed the last 3. I’m £580 in credit now. They need to get it sorted or they won’t be getting any more money from me until I start receiving statements again.

If I was to cancel my DD will you then use the credit on my account?

I would like to be put on variable DD

Send Bulb an email, that’s what I did to change to variable DD,

The suggested amount payable on my account, according to bulb is £171 per month. I pay £110 per month and am over £300 in credit. I havent had the gas on at all since the 1st of april apart from hot water to wash dishes, and i wont be putting the heating on at all until november. Ive spent £55 on electricity this and most months this year, hence being so much in credit. I cant economise any more than i do, except to use candles instead of using lights. My gas meter is no longer smart, it doesnt send any readings at all, the app has been useless since 15th december last year. How can they say i should be paying £171 per month. I think they are just making it up. There will be lots of old people, like myself, dying this year because they wont be able to afford to heat their homes at all.