New Dual Fuel Pre-Pay Customer - Have Card but No Key


I’ve obviously chosen the worst time to join bulb and hadn’t realised there’s no support outside of the working week (not good enough, IMO).

My gas card arrived over a week ago but no electricity key so far. I’ve been putting around a pound a day onto my old key & card for days, now (slightly embarrassing) in the hope I’d soon get the missing key.

Raised the issue with the office via email in the wee hours of Thursday but no response. So it seems I’m stuck until Tuesday at the earliest, now.

I went ‘live’ today and received a computer generated email asking if I’d received both key & card - again, not brilliant timing!! I’ve clicked on the option to say no key and can you ‘re-send’. But in the meantime - as I’m Dual Fuel - does anyone know if it’s okay to at least register and start using the bulb gas card without fluffing up still being able to use my EDF electricity key?

I’ve seriously considered reversing the changeover due to all this worry, and feel I’ve been left in the lurch.

In hope,


I’m having the same problem. Had my gas card for a week now, but no electricity key! ‘Changeover’ is meant to be today and I don’t know what’s going to happen/if I’ll still be able to top up with my current key…

Also having exactly the same issue. Did either of you manage to get anywhere?

Wondering if it’s worth ringing up to order another… or whether there is some sort of issue with electricity keys at the moment??

Hi Dave. We received a key in the post yesterday. But I had to re-request it on Monday via a link in an email they sent to say that i’d been connected. Thankfully I had enough credit left on the meter to tide us over.

Hi - Just discovered that you don’t get email notification when others comment >:(

I continued to use my old key and eventually got a ‘replacement’ (i.e. the first) key on Thursday (25th April). Then I hit another snag … again, right at the wrong time!

Yesterday (Friday 26th April) I was so keen to get some credit on my bulb key, as I knew the remaining credit from my previous supplier was likely due to run down to nothing just when the PayPoint shop was closed … but in my rush forgetting that I had to put the key in my machine for 60 seconds beforehand!

I was down to about 25p late last night when the business with first registering the key suddenly struck me … eek! I had no option, really, but to try the key. The £20 I’d put on it seems to have transferred okay (and it wiped the remaining few pence, as expected), but yet again I feel I’ve been left high and dry with no one to check with if I’ve somehow ‘ruined’ the key and if so what I need to do now. The response to my email is the standard bulb response of 'we’ll reply within 5 working day. GREAT! It also said to check the ‘Help’ pages online … but when I entered “key registration” and then “registering key” … there were - unbelievably - zero results for both >:(

Sorry, but bulb seems to be a tinpot little outfit who haven’t thought to dedicate sufficient resources to customer care. A little thing like ensuring this board alerts you to replies via your email would have been so simple to do (but I do worry when companies have ‘community’ boards that they’re expecting customers to work problems out among themselves, thereby lessening the demand on the company’s time!). A massive shame, as they were fantastic in theory. I’ll now be looking elsewhere.