New energy rates

Does bulb have an idea now what the new vari fair tariff will be in the next few weeks? I know the price cap has gone up around 50% but I’m getting worried now.

It’s not just the unit rate going up but the standing charges make it really expensive, surely we must be getting gold soon so we can work out the monthly cost based on our known usagé.


Since they have to give a months’ notice for price rises, it’s likely the announcement and emails to customers will be sometime this week.

If it’s not been published by next monday, they won’t be able to put the prices up on 1st April.

Bulb have said that new prices will be announced by the end of month.

I think it’s safe to say that the new rates will be more or less at the price cap, so for direct debit customers:

gas 7p, electricity 28p, gas standing charge 27p and electricity standing charge 45p.

Those are average rates and it will vary by location, but using those rates will give you a pretty good idea of what’s coming.

Glad spring is just a few weeks away and nights are starting to get longer . So come April we should be using a little less electric. As will be using lights in the house a little less.
I can just about afford the price rise for electric but the price rises are starting to get out of hand and the standing charge is now becoming very dear.

I’m not sure how utility companies can justify any increase in the standing charge. I can understand the unit price being influenced by market forces, but surely the infrastructure costs remain the same!! So, why the increase in the standing charge??


I think part of the standing charge increases will be to pay increased Supplier of Last Resort levies for all the energy suppliers that went bust.

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