New EV tariff - incorrect meter readings?


Sorry, but my first post is LONG.

Recently had solar panels and a battery installed and switched over to the EV tariff to take advantage of charging the battery with the cheaper rate electricity between 2am - 6am on cloudier days.

We’ve received our first statement and I’m not sure the smart meter has updated properly.

In the 17 days before switching to the EV tariff we used only used 38kWh as we had a run of sunny days that mostly covered our usages and charged the battery.

When we switched to the EV tariff it coincided with some overcasts days so I set the battery to charge between 2am - 6am. According to our inverters readings we used 92.49kWh over the 13 days leading to the new statement - the bulk of which would have been charging the battery in the morning. We’d then run from a mixture of the solar panels and the energy already stored in the battery into the night.

On our latest statement it appears Bulb have charged us for 90kWh at the new EV standard rate and then a further estimated 93kWh on the off-peak rate for those 13 days. I can’t see how this is possible as the bulk of our energy use from the grid should be during the cheap rate period.

I’ve checked the smart meter and it only shows the standard rate, there’s no obvious way of checking if the off-peak rate is working. Plus it appears that Bulb are able to take regular readings for standard use, but only a single estimated reading for off-peak.

Confusingly the DAY readings in the Bulb app seem to be right but the WEEK and MONTH readings are wrong.

Also the IHD is still using the old tariff to calculate costs.

Apart from that everything is cool :+1:

Any help on this would be appreciated as I’ve tried emailing and only received one response and that was to ask if there was still a problem.


As I understand Economy 7 with smart meters (which might be wrong, as mine is still old-school), each smart meter should have a Total reading, an R01 reading and an R02 reading, where Total = R01 + R02, with R01 normally the day rate, and R02 the night rate (sometimes the other way around apparently).

Since EV tariffs are essentially a modern twist on the old E7, logically one would expect the meter setup to work in the same way.

Hey @Phillco Thanks for your post.

You are indeed on the EV, the tariff is right our side and we are sending updates to the IHD to ensure it shows the right data. You are right in saying there was a slight issue with the tariff initially and reads.

There was an Issue with EV tariff change causing meter to re-configure back to 1-rate immediately after initial switch however the EV team corrected this and it should all be back to its correct self as of the 25th.

Your billing will be accurate, we just need to get that IHD updated, keep it online and we will get that update across.

Carl :bulb:

Thanks for the response.

I can already see that you’re taking Standard/OffPeak readings now.

Will my most recent statement be re-calculated to take into account I was charged the higher rate for all my energy usage from the 6th to the 19th?

Hey @Phillco Thanks for your message back and apologies for the wait.

The EV team will be looking into the bill due to the error and contact you within the month - they will look into how much the difference would have been in cost while on the alternative tariff rate. Please keep an eye out for an email once they have completed their checks.

–Carl :bulb: