New Gas Connection

Northern Gas are due to install a new gas connection at my property in a few weeks but Bulb, my current electricity supplier, advised me to use one of the “big 6” suppliers to install my new gas meter as they don’t do this themselves. Problem is, British Gas etc don’t do this for free - they require you to use them as the gas supplier too.

So, my question is, can I sign up to British Gas, have them install the meter, then switch my gas to Bulb a month later? Will bulb pay the exit fee even though I’m already a customer?


I think best to contact Bulb direct and discuss with them, this is a customer based forum.


How can you contact bulb? I could not find any phone number or email address even though I am a customer.

Thank you.

Contact details, email, tel no & live chat:

Plus the tel no is on your monthly statement.