New gas meter installed

Had a new gas meter installed on the 28th feb 2020, I have sent photos of the new meter, serial numbers etc via email as well as submitting manual meter readings with photos. I am still getting estimated bills with estimated readings from the old meter.
Any help?!

Hi @conorcrabb Thanks for your message and welcome to the Bulb Community page! I can see you sent in a photo of the reading, but can’t see the photo showing the serial number or yellow sticker. Please could you let me know that date / channel you sent that through?

Hi there,
I sent them through via email on the 2nd April.
Happy to send them through again if you can give me an email address?
Cheers for the help!

@conorcrabb could you send them through to and let me know when you’ve done that?

All done, pictures have been sent over :slightly_smiling_face:
Cheers for the help!

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Fab, thanks for that @conorcrabb and Happy Earth Day :earth_americas:

Do you reckon you can beat Osh in the Earth Day Quiz?