New gas meter

My sister wants to refer me, which is great but I don’t currently have a meter I’ve just had Cadent fit my gas supply, would you charge to install a meter? And could I still be referred for the bonus,

Hi @Crambouk when it comes to new installations we actually suggest you go look towards one of the bigger suppliers as they will be able to do this quicker and cheaper for you. If you have an electricity meter already you can just sign up with that and get the referral bonus that way?

Let me know if you need further help,

A new GAS Meter was fitted today. After the firm departed I read the meter, 19817??? nowhere near the previous reading what happens now?

when will I receive a response please?

when will I receive a response please?

I would assume not within two minutes?

@Lee5120_Jake When new gas meters are installed the number on the new meter doesn’t bare any relevance to the number on your previous meter. Is that what you were referring to?

All information regarding the new meter and its start reading are sent to us automatically.

Let me know if you need further help with this.