New High monthly payment request

I have been asked to pay around £2323 for my energy next year in spite of being about right in payments for the past year. I want to close my account with Bulb and move to a new supplier. Any ideas how to do this? I habve emailed Bulb but got no response

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Choose a new supplier, sign up with them and they’ll organise the switch for you and liaise with Bulb automatically.

Just make sure to continue giving readings to Bulb until your switch date, and give readings on your switch date to the new supplier (they’ll pass them along to Bulb for you).

Bulb will issue you a final bill sometime after the switch date, and refund you any credit balance back to your bank account (so don’t cancel the Bulb DD until then!).

Oh, and it’s not uncommon for both suppliers to debit your account in the transition period, just depending on how the billing dates align.


Hi @oll1940-bay I’m sorry that you’re thinking of switching away from Bulb following the recent change to your payments.

This change will be based on your projected winter usage to prevent your account from going into debit. I can’t see any recent emails from the address attached to your account, but please let me know if you’d like to discuss your account further.

Projected is a very scary word for those of us on top of our meter readings and still facing massive hikes.

Unfortunately your projections are based on fiction and an account carrying a balance in your favour through the summer months. This inflates the monthly payments. In addition you set a minimum monthly payment to prevent customers managing THEIR account in the way they wish.

I have been with bulb for a couple of years and have brought many referals, including business accounts. I will be taking them all with me as I leave.


They seem to think with their predictions for me I’m going to be leaving my heating running all winter and the lights all burning for the entire winter as well.

I’m also off.


they have just decided to take 177.00 out of my account a jump from 125.00 im livid im only in a two bedroom house

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