New home owner, IHD query

Sorry if this is a silly question.

But we’ve just bought our first home.

The previous owners left an IHD (SSE branded) in the kitchen. But they were with bulb and we’re continuing the contract with bulb.

Does this IHD know what the tariff costs are, are they accurate, as it is branded Sse, does it need to be changed? Or do I need to change it to one which is “bulb approved” or anything like that? Again, apologies if this seems a foolish question.

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Hello house, i got a statement that reads completely different from my energy usuage on the app almost double and I been calling for the the past week and it seems they are keen I pay. How is it possible!!

Better to be foolish once than keep quiet and foolish continuously. First of all make sure you have good signal strength round you area. If not, your IND can’t get through to Bulb some days. Secondly, keep in mind that what IS useful is the USAGE readings, not the £ readings. Use the Bulb App for that. If the App shows any info on usage, that should prove your IHD should work too. Most IHDs are compatible nowadays. Ours was supplied by First Utility but after changing to Bulb it was soon connected remotely by Bulb. Hope that helps and Congratulations on buying your first home. You should be very proud. Stay strong.

Hey all :wave: thanks for your comments here.

@Dsm Firstly congratulations on your first home :grinning: and thanks for your question. These meters at your address were orginally first generation smart meters. These meters used to only work with the installing supplier. Over the last few years the first generation smart meters have had their networks upgraded to the 2nd generation. Not all 1st Gens have been completed yet. The IHDs work differently, these can still show data correctly but some first generation IHDs may not show data as accurately as the 2nd gen ones, we will look to try and update these. I will send an email so I can get more information from you.

@henryalford Thanks for messaging, it seems you have been sent a consolidated statement for a few months showing usage for a period of time. This is likely why the app is showing it differently as consolidated statements are quite rare and ideally you should only be getting monthly bills. This consolidated bill can occur if we get information on new readings or a request to change a tariff etc

Hellos Carlos,
I have called for the meter to be changed to pay as pay meter with a card so I can top up myself. No response till now

Hi @Carl_at_Bulb.

I haven’t received any emails from you today.

Do let me know if you’ve reached out to me.
Look forward to hearing from you.

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