New home with no elec help pls

Ive moved into a new house, previously supplied by British Gas. The previous owner had a prepay smart card and not left it for me. So I have no electricity until Bulb start to supply on 9th Oct. How can I get my elec switched on in the meantime?!

I would assume you need to contact British Gas as they are stil responsible for supplying gas to the property until Bulb take it over on 9 October?

Hi there @ninjet80 welcome to Community! It’s so great to see that we will be supplying your home as of the 9th October. As @Allanr noted, any enquiries prior to your switch date would need to be raised with whoever the current supplier is, in your case British Gas. However, from the 9th October onwards, you are more than welcome to ask us anything as we will have become your new supplier from that date onwards :smiley: