New house with a smart meter

I moved into my new home at the beginning of July. The house already had a smart meter but the original owners were with Shell Energy. I have moved to Bulb but my smart meter doesn’t seem to be connect and I keep getting asked to submit meter readings. My meters aren’t the easiest to understand and I’m concerned that I’m going to submit the wrong information.

I can’t seem to be able to talk to anyone so any help would be greatly appreciated.

If you could take some pictures of the meter(s), and post them here (obscuring any serial numbers, but not the model info), then I’m sure someone will be able to give some advice.

Depending on the vintage of the meter(s), their “smarts” might not have survived the switch to Bulb (for now), as this was an early limitation with the 1st generation of smart meters. Such meters are gradually having their smart capabilities retroactively re-activated, but it’s a very slow process (originally expected by 2019; now by 2021 or even 2022).

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If you’re having difficulty reading your smart meter this guide should be really helpful:

You’ll need to look for a number followed by kWh for electricity and m3 for gas. If you’ve got any difficulties still just let me know and I can talk you through it :+1: